Step Replacement & Step Repairs

Fiberglass steps are the type of steps normally installed on inground pools. Over time these steps may crack and cause your pool to lose water. We have found that in most cases fill dirt or concrete was not used when the pool was built leaving the step virtually hollow from the underside. Overweight people, children jumping and time can all create a problem with your step.

Presidential Pools offers inground pool step replacement and step repairs. Steps of all sizes can be obtained through our suppliers and prices vary depending on the size of step. To replace the step a portion of your concrete deck must be removed and re-poured and your pool liner will also need to be replaced. Your new step will be installed properly and filled behind with concrete to provide long lasting stability. Pool liner installation is our specialty.

In many cases the cracked step can be repaired with special resins and fiberglass reinforcement. We have years of experience in repairing existing steps. This may be a more cost effective solution to your damaged step.

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