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Each Solar Panel contains 4 sections. The assembled size of each panel is 4' x 8'. Each panel includes 8 connection clips, 2 header straps, 3 cross straps and 8 lag bolts. E-Z slip and clip connections make this solar pool heater easy to assemble. Assembled panel conveniently mounts on a 4' x 8' sheet of
plywood (not included). You can place these assembled panels on your roof or on the ground. They are durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly. Will heat any size pool.

NOTE: This image shows 4 solar panels. Use the sizing guide to compute how many solar panels you will need for your size of pool. 



Free heat for your pool !












  • Will heat any size pool (use sizing guide)
  • E-Z slip and clip connections
  • Can be mounted on the ground, against a fence, against the pool or on a roof

    Environmentally friendly

    Durable and long lasting

    Can be used for cooling your pool

    MUST use System Kit (sold separately as item #69128) for installation

    Choose either the Manual Valve (sold separately as item #69138) OR the Auto Control (sold separately as item #69146) for water flow control

    Assembled size is 4' x 8'

    Contains 4 sections 8' long

  • Included: 8 connection clips, 2 header straps, 3 cross straps and 8 lag bolts
  • 1 1/2" plumbing required from filter to panels and back (not included)

    Operating pressure 15 psi @ 120 degrees F

    Recommended pump size 3/4 - 1 HP (not included)

    1 panel (box) weighs an average of 1 lb. per sq. ft. dry (32 lbs.) and 1.5 lbs. per sq. ft. full of water (48 lbs.)

    Quick Sizing Guide:

    15' Round - 1-3 panels

    18' Round - 2-3 panels

    21' Round - 2-4 panels

    24' Round - 3-5 panels
    27' Round - 4-6 panels

    12' x 24' - 4-6 panels

    14' x 28' - 5-7 panels

    15' x 30' - 6-8 panels

    16' x 32' - 7-9 panels

    18' x 36' - 8-11 panels

    20' x 40' - 10 - 15 panels

    To manually calculate the amount of solar panels required, do the following:
    1. Calculate the sq. ft. of your pool.
    2. Multiply the sq. ft. of your pool by 50% (this gives you the minimum amount of square feet of panels required to start with).
    3. Divide the sq. ft. of panel required by 32 and that tells you how many boxes are required (there are 32 sq. ft. in each box).
    4. Add in a system kit.
    5. Add in a 3-way valve or automatic temperature controller.


    A number of factors affect the effectiveness of any solar system. Some of them are:


    Amount of sun the pool and panels get during the day

    Solar blanket

    Is the pool indoor or outdoor?