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Presidential Pools

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Above Ground Pool Special
Deluxe 8000
Westminster II
Above Ground Accessories
Above Ground Pump/Filters
Here are some products that
Presidential Pools can get and install for you!

Above ground pool decking is a great addition to any yard with an above ground pool. Above ground pool decking allows you to bask in the sun and walk around the pool. Pool decking makes your pool easier and safer to use and it looks great!
Pool fencing helps to safely keep unwanted intruders out of the pool and keep toys and water games in. The rigid vinyl construction is maintenance-free, U.V.-protected, and can be mounted on any above-ground pool.
Presidential Pools offer custom built Adirondack furniture for your pool deck or outdoor living. Visit Adirondack for more information. We can beat most anyone's prices!

This amazing rechargeable floating pool light features 40 super bright LEDs with special lighting effects and interchangeable color lenses. It floats, shining up or down and offers 40 Super bright LEDs with various settings. Pool friendly rubber bumper (charger included).
This flower swimming pool fountain creates a soothing cascade of water! You can control the spray of water from a mere trickle, up to a 16 foot spray! It enhances your pool area with a unique water show, while improving the quality of the pool water, through aeration of the pool's water.
The deluxe Aqua Luminator™ installs directly into any return fitting. No holes to cut or reseal. Its directional water flow feature replaces your current return fitting and insures proper circulation. Bathe your pool in bright light with this feature.
Enjoy your two favorite pool games, volleyball and basketball. Both games feature rugged construction that will hold up to slam dunks and viscious spikes. The games attach to your above ground pool's top rail with a patent-pending breakaway bracket. Complete with realistic game balls. Installation is quick and easy.





While some things get cheaper and cheaper and thinner and thinner, this inflatable lounge bucks the trend with “river raft-like” durability. Your kids can jump onto this lounge or drag it across the deck – no worries! The lounge also doubles as a comfortable chair outside of the water.




We offer several sand filter systems which include pool pump, motor and sand filter designed for above ground pools. Both 1 hp and 1.5 hp systems are available that are designed to filter out debris 20-25 microns in size.
Some people prefer cartridge system filters over sand filters. We can get you a high performance pool pump designed for above ground pool systems. It comes complete with a full rated pump, motor, and cartridge filter.
When you just need a pool pump, we recommend
the Power-Flo LX™ a high-performance Hayward pump series designed for the rigors of above-ground and on-ground type swimming pools.


There are a variety of pool ladder options available. Ladders with gates, ladders with decks, A-frame ladders, in-pool ladders, out of pool ladders. Just email us tell us what you want and we will give you the options available.





Premium Backwash hoses. Wall & Floor Brushes   Deep Bag Leaf Rakes         Pool Poles



     Leaf Skimmers              Vacuum Heads               Vacuum Hoses              Skimmer Baskets



We can help you maintain your pool with our convenient weekly and bi-weekly pool service or we can get you the tools to maintain your own pool.





Solar Covers will keep your pool warmer and cleaner!

Extruded Solar Covers typically last twice as long, because they do not break down in the Sun. An extruded Solar Cover also has the added benefit of never needing to be covered when rolled up, as the Sun will not damage the Cover material.







Our Pool Covers are triple laminated, and made from a very tough polyethylene fabric for the highest durability in cold weather, and resist cracking, splitting, and tearing due to coldest winter weather. All sizes available. Presidential Pools also offers professional pool closings.